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Consult With The Coaches

"Tell Us Your Story"

"Bob and Ann, you are more than our event coordinators; you are our friends. We are family - joint heirs with Christ. And we love you.

Thank you both for all you do, for all the help, guidance, and directing that you do for us, as well as all the laughter.

We love you!" - FROM A CLIENT

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We have worked in and with businesses, ministries, and non-profits for over 30 years. With our combined experience, we act as consultants and coaches to help you navigate through the clutter to achieve your vision.

You don’t have to do this alone.

Too many voices are out there telling you that you won’t succeed. We want to be the voices that encourage you, and drive you forward. Since your story and needs are different from anyone else, we don’t hand you a book with general information. That’s the last thing you need. We consult with you and design an ongoing marketing/branding strategy for you based on your strengths and weaknesses.



The METHOD = A series of actions to achieve results

Strategy  Before working on your brand or a specific project such as a new ministry, a business, or website, we must ask the right questions to make sure we have the right mission in mind, and that we do it in the best way possible to serve our users.

Solutions Together we can talk about your needs - if it's a logo or an entire new ministry, brand, marketing campaign or new website.

Approach Our Team will tailor a process around your project, so we can work with only the best ideas for each job and pass our information on to you that will be a savings and beneficial to you as you move toward your vision.

Then we meet with you on a regular, ongoing basis to guide you through the process from thought to finish. What if the situation changes along the way? We’re there to help adjust the process to keep you focused